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Executive Protection Terms

Executive Protection
Executive Protection is the integration and deployment of physical and technical security measures and countermeasures to protect the life of the Protectee(s), corporate assets, or property. In short, Executive Protection is a 1-8 member team or more, that is assigned to protect the client, their families and their assets. An extensive confidential interview will take place to obtain a proper client history. If threats are discovered, they will be identified, validated, and classified. Our Executive Protection Specialists will conduct Threat Assessments and Site Advance work before any protective detail is begun. Threat Assessments and Site Advance work are essential to the client’s risk mitigation.

Once the needs and desires of the client and their families are established and agreed upon, the protective detail will be assembled. The client may want just an armed driver escort all the way up to an 8 or more executive protection team. The Executive Protection Detail is trained to stabilize, diffuse and de-escalate confrontations or contentious situations. The detail is designed to be pro-active in regards to incident avoidance. The Protective Detail is not just present to “cover and evacuate” the client should an unfortunate event arise. The Protective Detail will assist in all logistics planning and coordination of the client’s daily lives and that of their families.

Site Survey
A site survey consists of a security vulnerability and risk assessment of a client’s existing security measures. Our specialists will evaluate alarm/ security systems, physical property, whether at work, home, vacation destinations, or travel routes. The survey refers to identification and evaluation of exploitable vulnerabilities, risks, and exposures from internal or external sources. These sources exist, or could exist pertaining to a site, organization and/ or its assets.

Risk Analysis
A detailed examination is performed to understand the nature of unwanted, negative consequences to human life, health, property, or the environment. A risk analysis is an analytical process used to provide information regarding undesirable events, the process of quantification of the probabilities and expected consequences for identified risks. In simpler terms this means how frequent is our client at risk for an unwanted event over a period of time.

We employ investigators who have come from private, local and federal law enforcement agencies. Our investigators can conduct simple to lengthy investigations, background checks, skip traces, and perform surveillance and counter surveillance tactics.

TSCM- Technical Security Counter Measures (Bug sweeping)
Technical Security Counter Measures is the art of locating hidden, and sometimes in plain view, electronic listening devices. Some of our highly trained specialists can perform “detective sweeps” of your home, office, vacation destination, or vehicle. As part of a very comprehensive security package this asset protecting procedure can offer peace of mind that no one is listening in on important conversations.

Armored Vehicles/ Safe Rooms
For those clients that desire the ultimate in protection, while traveling on the road or in their residence, an armored vehicle or safe room is an option that is available. Certain high risk environments such as overseas require the luxury and piece of mind of an armored vehicle for safe transportation. Almost any vehicle can be customized to include the latest in armor technology. Safe rooms are an increasing trend among low and high profile individuals. Clients typically desire a safe room for themselves and their family members at their place of residence as part of an escape and evasion plan. Call us for a free confidential consultation with one of our security consultants for more details.