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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

#1. What are the 3 secrets to Executive Protection and why are they a secret?
They are a secret because one or more of the following is a secret to most Agents’ and their Protectee. The 3 secrets that must be present in any good detail is a proper Threat Assessment, which includes identifying, validating and classifying the threat. The second secret is a Site Advance which must occur well ahead of the protective detail. The third secret is the Protective Detail itself. Many agents do not conduct a proper Threat Assessment or Site advance. This occurs due to a lack of experience, absence of resources and funding, or at the uninformed direction of the Protectee. To be successful and to keep your Protectee and their family safe and out of harms way the “Three Secrets” must be in place and used every time. One secret cannot work without the other two.

#2. What is Executive Protection?
Executive Protection used to be formerly known as being a “bodyguard”. The term bodyguard is slowly dying off and being replaced by educated, non-confrontational, incident avoidance professionals. The days of having a big “thug type” in a suit and tie and going to a place of ill-repute, looking for trouble are almost gone. The industry standard now is termed Executive Protection Professional or Specialist. The EP Specialist is hired to protect, cover, and evacuate his or her client and their families. You cannot accomplish this task if you are confrontational and constantly on the offensive. The task of the properly trained EP Specialist is to stabilize, diffuse and de-escalate confrontations or contentious situations. The EP Specialist is present to be pro-active in regards to incident avoidance. Clients who hire EP Specialists are generally high profile individuals by nature, but want to remain low profile in regards to their personal activities and daily lives.

#3. How does it all work?
First, prospective clients that are interested in our services should call for a free, confidential consultation. We will discuss your needs and desires in person or over the phone. Second, prospective clients who want to move forward will need to complete a questionnaire either by phone or email to assist us in obtaining a proper history so that we can better assist your needs. Once that criteria is established, we can discuss the specific services that are recommended and which you as the client desire. We will discuss all logistics, planning and associated fees. Typically, in most cases, after an agreement is reached, a Retainer is collected for estimated fees and expenses along with a signed contract. Our specialist’s can either start immediately, or on a given start date. We are available for short term and long term needs, whichever the client desires.

#4. What is the best way to set up my free consultation?
Perspective clients can call anytime or email us to set up a phone appointment. We are available for whichever is more convenient.

#5. Do we install and service alarm systems?
We partner with a private alarm installation company that will provide recommendations as to what is considered necessary to properly monitor your assets, meeting your desires and needs. Alarm/ surveillance systems can range from very simple to the latest that technology has to offer. Clients may wish for a monitoring or local company to monitor their security system after installation, or clients may want the surveillance system they choose to have a direct feed to their Blackberry phone or laptop computer. This feature allows our clients real time access to their surveillance system.

#6. Do you offer static or roving patrols?
We offer around the clock roving patrols or static guards if required by our clients. Typically our static guards and roving patrols are part of our Executive Protection team which is normally located at the Client’s residence, place of business, or vacation home.

#7. Are our personnel armed?
Generally speaking, all personnel are armed. All personnel have CCW permits for the state in which they live, and for other various states in the USA. Some static guard personnel are unarmed, depending on the client’s request.

#8. If I am injured during a protective detail, what is the course of action?
We have Emergency Medical Technicians on staff. Depending on how many members are in the protective detail, there will always be at least one Emergency Medical Technician in the detail along with the required gear for the sustaining of life. As part of the Site Advance, locations and routes for hospitals and Emergency Medical Service providers will already have been determined.